March 22, 2019


Your one-stop-shopping site for Saskatoon obituary, funeral, and burial listings, and in the Links, the newspapers in Google News Archive, and the Local History databases.  Use “Control F”, or “Command F” to search this site for surnames, given names, dates, &c.  This site now has ten years of obits over nine pages, and you will have to perform the name search separately for each page.

Heres a link to this site on Wayback.

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  1. Good morning, Eleanor

    Just wondering if you would be able to send me information on:
    Murphy, Patrick Edmund March 14, 1936 March 19, 1936 12 Cut Knife
    This is my husband, Craig Russell Murphy, Great-Grandfather. His son, George Vincent Murphy is his Grand Father and George's son Russell Murphy is my husband's father.